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creme de la mer online shopping

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Theres no good news from Lesley at the halfway point nor after six weeks. I must admit that at this point Im so furious at the thought I might be damaging my skin I want to stop the experiment. I cant wait to throw away the trendy green and silver bottle with its tiny writing that can be seen only by those young enough not to need Lifting Contour Serum. But I carry on: maybe it does take eight weeks to work. I cant describe my relief as the trial comes to an end and i visit Lesley in her Harley street clinic for the last time. The visia machine has some horrifying results for. The only real improvement has been the sun damage (I moved from the bottom 11 per cent of British women up to 29 per cent). This could be due to the fact theres not much sun around, says Lesley. And the serum may have helped.

creme de la mer online shopping

That night, i slather on thick, unctuous nivea — my go-to product when my skins a bit unhappy. After a fortnight, i return to see lesley. The results are worrying. Im now in the top 14 per cent of British women for wrinkles — down from the top 1 per cent. Im horrified: the last thing I want is for this serum to damage my skin mask and make me look older.

im horrified: the last thing I want is for this serum to damage my skin and make me look older.'. Dont worry, this sometimes happens, she reassures. Things get worse before they get better. But while they might get worse, they certainly dont get better. A couple of days later my skin feels so waxy in places and dry in others it no longer feels like mine. By day 17, the fine lines around my mouth are no longer fine. .

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So, even though I never sunbathe, enough has filtered through over the years to give me uv damage. It means that while my skin may be in good condition now, age may creep up quickly. That night, i put on the lifting Contour Serum for the first time, massaging in an upward motion as detailed in the instructions. I also press four acupressure points (on my forehead, between my eyes, under my nose and on my chin) for three seconds each, as the instructions tell you. This is supposed to help stimulate blood flow and improve the serums effectiveness.

A few minutes after I put it on, my face begins to tingle. Not unpleasantly, just a bit tickly. Im pleased — it means the serum is actually doing something, though a quick check in the mirror doesnt reveal a 25-year-old staring back. By day five, i am seeing results — just not the positive ones i expected. My face hasnt tingled since that first night, but my chin is dry and flakey. The next day, my nose and cheeks start peeling and my whole face is red and patchy.

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I also do well in the pore test — mine are quite small, which means my skin looks better. But the machine says my face is a bit too red. Its no surprise: ive always flushed easily and had pink cheeks, though ive thought of myself as having an English rose complexion. Worst, though, is the sun damage — im in the bottom 11 per cent. While i put that down to having spent the past eight months travelling around the world in temperatures of over 100 degrees, lesley isnt convinced. She says my type of skin, so pale i could be Scottish or Irish, is more prone to sun damage than darker shades. Lorraine fisher says: 'so it seems that Creme vette de la mer was right. The lifting Contour Serum could 'significantly transform' skin's appearance: except in my experience, it made it worse.

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At 230 for a 30ml bottle, its one of the most expensive. Its claimed to be a high-performance sculpting serum for the face and neck that gives skin a tighter feeling from the first touch and helps define and reshape the look of contours, significantly transforming skins appearance. The active ingredients include perennial brown algae, haarverf which has been dubbed the fountain of youth, and marine peptides (or proteins) to enhance the look of skins density and dimension. To help ascertain whether its working during the recommended two months I sample it, i enlist London skin expert Lesley reynolds to scan my face every fortnight using a visia machine. Before we start, the machine shows that for my age (Im 44 i have incredibly few wrinkles. The machine works by comparing you to 100 women of your age group. For wrinkles, Im in the best 1 per cent.

Over the past year, you havent been able to open a magazine or pass a beauty counter without seeing adverts for facial serums. Almost every cosmetics brand beans is doing them, from boots no 7 to Clarins and guerlain. These light, fast-absorbing creams are designed to be used as an alternative, or addition, to our usual skincare regimes. The theory is that because the molecules in their formulas are so much smaller than those in a moisturiser, they penetrate deeply into the skin. And they contain more active ingredients, vitamins and minerals than a normal face cream to help target problems such as fine lines, brown spots or oiliness. Its because they use more expensive ingredients that serums cost a lot (you wont get much change out of 20 for the cheapest). But do they work or are they just another cosmetic company plot to part us from our hard-earned cash? I decided to try one to find out. I chose the latest on the market: luxury brand Creme de la mers Lifting Contour Serum.

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Luxury brand Creme de la mers Lifting Contour Serum is 230 for 30ml. Ingredients include perennial brown algae (dubbed the fountain of youth). Lorraine fisher tried the serum for the recommended two months. London skin expert Lesley reynolds to monitored Lorraine's skin. Lorraine ended up with worse skin than beforehand. Published: 22:36 bst, updated: 08:23 bst, unhappy customer: Lorraine fisher and Creme de la mer's Lifting Contour Serum. Theyre the promise of youth in a bottle that no woman should be without.

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