Unlike dior Homme Intense which is all about the iris, coco and lipstick note or as many would say, smells like a makeup bag, dior Homme parfum does not smell like that and thats good, because that would just be redundant. If there is oud in this, it is the kind that does not smell skanky, but more sexy and slightly gourmandish (sort of like you find in Nasomatto pardon). This does not smell anything close to oumo - valentino (mentioning that because i know people will ask about that). I can also see that, being what makes it smell a bit smokey (the oud) and I would say, that is one of the most interesting aspects of this fragrance as that is a major factor in making this fragrance inviting and somewhat sexual combined. The leather in dhp is not rubbery, its more dry/smokey. Somewhere in the mix I get a slight booziness, creamy with a little bit of woods delivered in a hint of powdery iris with all that resulting in a smooth fragrance.

dior mini be dior previous bottles. Due to the richness and fullness of dhp i will say that it is more similar to dior Homme Intense then dior Homme but it smells different. And boy does it smell sexy and luxurious and I find myself constantly sniffing my hand as I can not get enough. Just like i adore the coco/lipstick vibe in dior Homme Intense i love the leather/smoke mixed with the sweetness in dhp.

I would say that these are 3 different fragrances but they are all related and borrow characteristics from each other. I will refer to dior Homme parfum as dhp. Dior Homme (Edt more transparent (then dhi and dhp bright iris and metrosexual fragrance (as mentioned by many). Dior Homme Intense: Stronger, deeper fragrance with coco and iris (lipstick/makeup note). Now, youre online asking yourself how on earth does dhp (Dior Homme parfum) smell. I say that its very different from the two i just mentioned but it has characteristics from the two. If I were to bullet point this new fragrance: leather, smokey, oud, iris, woods, slightly creamy and boozy, slightly powdery. It still maintains the dna of dior Homme/Intense but it definitely stands on its own and while some will say that its just a new design for the dior Homme Intense bottle (or some other made up stuff) this is simply not true. If youre expecting it to smell like dior Homme/Intense and youre not open minded for what it is, then you will be let down. But if you judge it for what it is, i think many will love this fragrance. As the hours has gone by i am liking it more and more but I think it will truly shine in the colder months, some fragrances just pop in the colder weather and my gut tells me this is one of those fragrances.

dior mini be dior

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Dior Homme parfum (2014 Release) - review (Based on a few hours of wearing). While it is not fair to review a fragrance after a single day (not even an entire day) i know products a lot of you are eager to know more about this fragrance, dior Homme parfum, so here goes my attempt in giving you more information. What is dior Homme parfum? Is it a niche version of dior Homme Intense? No it is not. Well, is it simply a stronger version of dior Homme? No, not that either.

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dior mini be dior

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dior mini be dior

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How to Spot a fake lady dior Handbag. Mini "Be dior" bag triangle three-tone smooth calfskin. The mini "be dior" flap bag, with its modern silhouette that's both supple and structured, expresses a new, elegantly urban attitude. Authentic lady dior medium fuchsia pink tote bag.mp3. Authentic lady dior mediun lambskin fuchsia ghw interior. Unfollow dior mini to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. You'll receive email and feed alerts when new items arrive.

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