The product penetrates the skin very quickly and leaves a fresh and cool sensation. The finish is moisturized and soft. Skin Conditioner from Albion 110ml 3,500 165ml 5,000 330ml 8,500, albions latest launches, smart skin Very rare. Launched in 2016, while cushion foundation was the trend, Smart skin Very rare still succeeded to win many beauty awards and drew a great deal of attention. A brand new innovative texture, inspired by the truffe kind of chocolate which is creamy but still solid, this foundation combines benefits from both powder and liquid foundations; In Japan, it is common for women to retouch their makeup several times per day. Therefore powder foundation is popular for its convenience as its easy to carry.

japanese cosmetics brands Conditioner as a quasi-drug, meaning it can claim the benefit as proven efficacy (read more about quasi-drug category here ). The white color comes from the emulsion created between water and oil to moisturize the skin at most. The bottle package, as well as the fragrance, are a bit old-fashioned; not surprising, the Skin Conditioner has been on the shelf for more than 40 years! I am not a big fan of the fragrance which is rather strong but after what I read, some people seem to really like it a lot.

Japan is a matured society, and in this kind of market we must have a specialised field of business, says president and ceo shoichi kobayashi. To create unique products, we choose distinct raw materials that are efficient in terms of delivering that much-wanted effect on skin. Our key strategy is not expanding our prestige product portfolio, but adding new efficient raw materials or updating our formula. (source: south China morning Post a unique and original skincare hockeyhandschoentje routine, unlike the japanese traditional well-known skincare routine that consists in layering the lotion, emulsion and serum or cream, Albion recommends applying the emulsion first thing after the face wash. Traditional way: lotion serum emulsion / cream. Albions way: emulsion lotion serum or cream. Albion believes in restoring the initial balance of a healthy skin by doing so as the brands emulsions are designed to bring the 3 elements needed to a healthy skin: oil, water and nmf (Natural moisturizing Factor albions litteken iconic product, skin Conditioner, the 40 years. As already described in my post. Top 5 best Japanese skincare products 2016, albions skin Conditioner is by far the most famous product from the brand winning awards every year. In 2015, 40 years after its first launch, sales units were still growing by 25 according.

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Have you heard about Albion? Its a japanese prestige cosmetic brand, especially recognized for its skincare, with a history of more than 60 years! The brand may loose in fame compared to sk-ii or Shiseido, however, Albion is supported and loved by a big number of core fans. So here is a summary of the brand and one of its long-sellers as well as the latest products. About Albion, a brand devoted to the highest product quality. Albion, the old name given to Great Britain comes from the white cliffs along dover coast and has inspired the brand which was named after it as the white beautiful skin is the symbol of Japanese beauty. Since its foundation in 1956, Albion has been developing high-quality cosmetics, committing apparatuur into delivering the very best to its customers.

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japanese cosmetics brands

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