Part of a 90-day engine development programme by cutchie and other engine shop mechanics used information gained from running a 351 V8 In Moffat's Mustang sports sedan. A test engine, in Bathurst form, was put in the mustang for track evaluation at Sandown. Said Moffat: "The mustang was set up for sprint conditions and we ran the engine flat out at Sandown. Best lap time was 1-16.0. Which is not hanging around. "We were more than happy to set a new record lap of 1-16.9 with this engine in the falcon at the sandown 250. And we were carrying about 36 gallons of fuel at the time.

aussies finest the. With the result that he was invited to cologne to pass on a few of his findings to the european factory racing team. The bathurst Falcon gt ran the modified.7-litre V8 developed in Australia by amr chief mechanic ray cutchie.

Dieter Glemser was nominated as the car's co-driver. While one-time arch rival of Moffat. Horst Kwech, was relief driver for the pair of them. Horst is Australian basically, having emigrated to the usa from Sydney in 1962. He became a pro' driver in the States, as well as a small car preparation expert there. In 1966, Kwech beat Moffat to the 1600cc sedan class in the amateur racing finals of the scca at brico riverside. Subsequently, moffat and Kwech shared a mustang at daytona and Sebring Trans Am races in 1968. Looking after the pits was lee dykstra, an American who was Moffat's superior during his time as a test driver at Kar Kraft. Dykstra, along with playa chassis ace john Mulrine, worked on the development programme of the falcon in America. Originally a general Motors man, he joined Ford in the mid-sixties, where, at the age of 26, he was involved in the ford gt 40 programme, and later in the Trans Am Mustang development programme. In 1968 dykstra headed up the design team on Carroll Shelby's Mustangs which, as we said earlier, moffat drove at daytona and Sebring.

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Although the plan eventually failed dismally it was a mammoth project which deserved better and promised much more. At Sandown a few weeks earlier Moffat appeared in a dark blue falcon which simply blew the rest lichaam of the field into the weeds, winning easily and setting a new lap record on the way. But this was not the same car that had been built up in America for the bathurst race. Although it did incorporate a few of the lessons learnt there. The actual Bathurst race car was unveiled at a spectacular function hosted by moffat's long-time peeling sponsor bp, and its credentials and development history were impressive to say the least. The falcon, painted the same dark blue as at Sandown, but sporting the australian flag and a "Moffat Ford dealers" motif along each wing, was pretty much the same as the sandown car, but built and developed during an intensive four week period in Ohio. Fitted with newly homologated Ford parts. Was alleged to give around 440 bhp, and unlike the sandown race car it featured a four barrel Holly carb, rather than the twin choke weber setup favored by the works team in 1973.

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"And think of all the people we'll be leaving behind." "Well." he smiles tightly. "Are you the alien?" "What else could I be?" the blind spot asks with heavy irony. "And you have modified yourself to lock out external control the ghost adds. "Annette!" he crosses over to her. 'c 'u and 't of course, spells 'cut the missing 'n' is contained in the 'and' of "and her T's with 'and' "no doubt being pronounced 'en (Peter Fryer, 1963) to heighten the similarity.

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"Anything to say about it?" "Mmph." Ang looks irritated for some reason. " reputable I have a problem. "Are you from Tante 'nette?" "no, i'm from the fucking tooth fairy." It leans over and head-butts her knee, strops the scent glands between its ears all over her skirt. "As it happens, these old acquaintances of mine went out and fetched back a router seed, for their own purposes. "And one for. " They've confused space and time for measurement purposes. "Anyway, humans will be obsolete as economic units within a couple more decades. " Stop lying to yourself rita sends back. "And then there's the lawsuit.

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"Are you sure they aren't real?" she asks. "Are ye sure ye've got buikvet the right address?" he asks worriedly. " Now." "I " he turns and heads inside, along the gloomy hallway that runs past a staircase. "Are you the curator who reorganized the Precambrian gallery along teleology lines? "Am not open source! 'Cwm' is pronounced 'come though 'quim an English slang term for 'vagina is a mispronounced Anglicisation. "All these wire services!

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