Lased, lasing, lases. To function as a laser; emit coherent radiation by the action of a laser. Many translated example sentences containing lasing spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations. Translation of lasing in, english. Translate lasing in, english online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. We provide filipino. We also provide more translator online here. Lasing translation french, English, french dictionary, meaning, see also example of use, definition, conjugation, reverso dictionary.

lasing in english

More: English to Indonesian translation of lasing. Lasing in Portuguese óptica. Geração de raios leiser,.; ato, ação ou efeito de gerar raios leiser. Dictionary source: English Portuguese dictionary (Oliveira more: English to portuguese translation of lasing. Lasing in Catalan s emissió làser, schouder laseratge, química física, def. Del Termcat : Operació de generar llum coherent quasi monocromàtica mitjançant un làser. V emetre amb làser, laserar química física def. Del Termcat : Generar llum coherent quasi monocromàtica mitjançant un làser. Dictionary source: English Catalan neologism Dictionary more: English to catalan translation of lasing s emissió làser, laseratge química física def. Dictionary source: English Catalan Dictionary more: English to catalan translation of lasing Lasing in Croatian postojan Dictionary source: English Croatian Dictionary(Igaly) More: English to Croatian translation of lasing trajan Dictionary source: English Croatian Dictionary more: English to Croatian translation of lasing Lasing in Serbian dictionary.

lasing in english

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(s)Chinese to choose a (s)Chinese full Text Translation, dictionary definition of lasing, synonym of lasing in thesaurus. Lasing Translation, available on the afvallen following languages: Arabic, other languages, lasing in Arabic, dictionary source: Babylon English-Arabic Dictionary. More: English to Arabic translation of lasing. More languages: top, lasing in English, see laser. Dictionary source: Telecommunication Standard Terms, more: English to English translation of lasing. Lasing in Chinese (s) lasing threshold, dictionary source: English Chinese dictionary, more: English to Chinese (s) translation of lasing. Get Babylon's Translation Software, get it Now! Lasing in Indonesian penguat my child #12, dictionary source: Mas ndon English Indonesian Dictionary.

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The area was first leased from the local community in 1941 by a dutch investor, who planted coffee. He said it was too early to say what other retailers would lease space. There are also programs to help decide whether to rent or lease instead of own. The bank owns some of the properties it occupies and leases others, and it is unclear whether it will rent or buy the Glasgow property. It has to repackage network capacity leased from established carriers. Keep in mind that most all-in-one office suites can be leased on a month-to-month basis. It's a facility we leased from the government, so at some point we had to give it back. He has temporarily leased offices there until a planned move to huntington next year. Rent, hire, charter, engage, take, borrow, pay for the use of view synonyms Phrases a new lease of life a substantially improved prospect of life or use after rejuvenation or repair.

lasing in english

Two years ago a further 35 acres were leased from the dean and Chapter of Salisbury cathedral. Police said the unit is leased from a private landlord who lives outside the area and is currently liaising with officers. It was leased from them by the herbert family in the sixteenth century. The van is leased from City of York council, which is in partnership with the association and is committed to using clean fuel. This is the type to use if you are renting or leasing, as the paper can be easily removed when you leave.

Either way those who currently lease the garages will lose their coveted parking spaces. It must be a physical good that you have bought and not hired / leased etc. Bury council is leasing the building to the fusiliers at a peppercorn rent and will be providing an annual funding grant of 30,000. The lease or buy calculator is a tool designed to help in deciding whether to lease or buy business equipment. Most try to lease or rent their fleets to cut risk and expense. Our flat, above the camel market, was leased from Signora, an old Italian lady who lived downstairs.

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He said the building could be leased to one large tenant or several smaller tenants. They could lease out the land to their family or someone else, or cultivate it cooperatively with other women. The rest consists of vast wilderness concession areas which are leased to private safari camp operators. In may 1887, it was leased to the cpr and construction began in november. The land was leased out for the construction of the hotel in 1970.

The devastated land included farms leased to tenants by vermeer's mother-in-law. Many absentee lords leased out their personal lands and the right to collect dues to rich tenant farmers. Once installed, it will be leased to an operator. Through this process, they would buy and lease back an entire building to its existing occupier. Rent out, rent, let, let out, hire, hire out, sublet, sublease, farm out, charge for the use. View synonyms.1 take (property) on lease; rent. Land was leased from the duchy of Cornwall. This year we'll see smaller businesses using telematics services in the cars or trucks that they lease or rent.

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Businesses negotiating commercial leases of property will not want to assume any technical exposure for any uninsured terrorist risk. Typically, himalaya at the hands end of the lease the money is returned or applied to a purchase price. Leasehold, rental agreement, hire agreement, charter, contract. View synonyms verb with object 1Grant (property) on lease; let. She leased the site to a local company. The remaining 4,000 square feet of space will be available to lease to other tenants, he said. The trust then leases its property long-term to farmers who use the land to grow food for the community. The city will then lease the track property back to Churchill for 1 a year. Consolidated entitlements are allocated from the national Reserve and cannot be sold or leased for 5 years.

lasing in english

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What happens if one of you decides to terminate the lease on short notice? They signed a five-year lease with an option to renew for five years, the summary said. Gross irregularity and corruption in granting the mining lease are involved. While christian each transaction has individually tailored lease terms, operating leases typically range 3-12 years in length. Also, they should know for how long the lease should be and how much they want to pay a month. There is an option to renew the lease for a further period when it expires in September of this year. So the mining lease which is granted is in the form of a schedule.

The judge heard that the goede applicant had taken a lease of the premises. At first the area was on a pastoral lease granted to Alexander Grant in 1853. Section 248 assumes that there are some creatures which are pastoral leases which are not exclusive pastoral leases. The site is held on a long-term lease at a peppercorn rent from the port. Would it have to be a lease in perpetuity? Read the lease to find out what's been specified in your case and check out rental laws in your area. If you're trading in a car, make sure the dealer applies the trade-in value to the price your lease is based.

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British world English lease noun, a contract by which one party conveys land, property, services, etc. To another for moisturizer a specified time, usually in return for a periodic payment. A six-month lease on a shop. He recommends negotiating a short-term lease that gives you options to acquire more space as needed. The lease of the premises where the partnership practised was vested in the respondents as trustees for the partnership. At the end of this month, a one-year lease expired. Closed-end leases, sometimes called walk-away leases, are most common for consumer leases today.

Lasing in english
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